Types of live casino games

live casino

Due to the growing popularity of live online casino games, more and more games are being adapted to offer a live version. Today, there are several different types of live casino games, the most popular being live dealer roulette and live blackjack. The pace of play is similar to that of a land-based casino, with the dealer setting the betting times.

Live blackjack

When a player joins a live blackjack game, he/she joins a table where he/she can be alone or with other players. Each player at the table is dealt two cards that add up to a certain score and then decides whether to stand or hit to get closer to 21 without going bust, the player sends their decisions to the dealer using the buttons on the game’s graphical interface. In live blackjack games, there is a dealer who deals the cards live. The cards have a QR code on them so that the game software can read the value of the card and add up the card scores to display the hand sum automatically on the user interface.

Live roulette

live casino games

In live roulette games, the user logs in and places his or her bets during the time period in which they remain open. The dealer is responsible for opening and closing the bets. It is important to place bets within the table limits. If the dealer closes the betting round with the famous “No more bets” and a player has placed some chips but has not completed the minimum bet on the table, the chips placed will be discarded from the game, i.e. they will not enter the game. 

How does a live casino game work?

The usual way a live casino game works is by placing cameras on a set or in the table area of a land-based casino, which are responsible for broadcasting, in real time, the moves that the dealer is making (shooting the ball in the case of roulette, or dealing the cards in the case of games such as blackjack or punto banca). 

How to choose a good live casino game?


Within live casino games there is a great variety in terms of gameplay and dealer role. There are three main aspects that define an online casino game:

  • Provider: There are companies that specialise in the development of live casino games and other companies that have adapted their style of games to the live casino concept. The experience, attention to detail and vision of each provider is usually a differentiating factor in this type of games.
  • Game modality: The figure of the croupier in the game of roulette as the one responsible for the chance to throw the ball in each game makes roulette the star game of this new online gaming paradigm, the live casino. There are several types of live roulette, some of which offer additional prizes and some of which feature faster paces of play.
  • Role of the croupier: There are live roulette games called automatic roulette games, in this case, the croupier is not in charge of throwing the ball into the roulette wheel, as the ball is thrown automatically. In this type of game, the role of the dealer is to act as the host and presenter of the game.