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Wins of such teams are only seemingly dangerous, as shown in great detail by the strategy we would like to present to you in this article. In it we will be describing the game for a win of the weaker team and for a draw. This means that we will divide each type into two parts. Each, of course, requires a contribution. Is it risky? Of course, like any strategy. However, the data shows that it is a risk worth the sin, so stay tuned to learn more about the full possibilities we see throughout this system. But before we get into specifics, we’d like to give you some additional thoughts, mainly from registration and promotions. The first factor is not as obvious as it may seem. It is worth to analyze several bookmaker websites, because the odds you will find on them will almost certainly differ from each other. These differences depend on football disciplines and leagues, so it is good to check exactly the events that interest you first. Based on such data, choose a site and join it. The process of creating an account only takes a few moments, and almost immediately after that you can start playing, depositing and winning!

What events can we bet on

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Whatever you can think of, it often comes up for offer. And we’re not just talking about football betting, although it’s obvious that it’s going to be the most popular. There are sometimes even bets on musical events, like the presentation of prestigious awards. This also applies to the Oscars and the galas that amaze the world. We bet on the election of the President of the United States or the appearance of a famous music band in a given country. These are, of course, less important items, which only serve to make the entertainment itself more interesting. The key sports are football (Premier League, Champions League, Primera Division, Bundesliga, Serie A, Extra class and others). And since we focus on football in our article, these are the events you should pay attention to first. However, we assume that this is a strategy that requires commitment and detailed analysis of what you will come across in the network.

Promotions at bookmakers

Before you start playing consider whether you want to increase your starting funds. Here we mean of course all kinds of promotions. Bookmaker bets are a real treasure chest. The best ones change their offers, giving us fresh bonuses every week. And under them huge bonuses are hidden. Most often we start with welcome bonuses, which provide more money on the first deposit. Normally they amount to 50%, but it will be even 100% of your own deposit. In this way – for example – we will play not for USD 200, but for twice this amount. This is quite a lot. Just don’t forget to always check the conditions and rules, because every event is connected with specific project realizations. This also applies to the registration itself. It is necessary to provide real data in order to prevent attempts to defraud or to prevent minors from playing. If you do not have to worry about this, think about further actions. There are free tickets which will give you a refund if you fail. Alongside this are races, lotteries with trips abroad, cash top-ups, reload bonuses and the like.

Bet on losers or X

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So we come to the main course. Playing on losers is a way to take a risky approach that also generates the highest odds. It is advisable to play on outsiders, i.e. teams that are doomed to defeat by the media and observers, but at the same time play in a home match. Playing on favourites almost never exceeds the value of 1.80, although it is often much lower. In the case of the latter side, the ratio can in turn shoot up and give away really substantial odds. However, as history shows, the teams that are at the top of the table only have a 25% chance of winning and so this translates into specific match results, so you don’t have to be afraid of playing on the home team that is perceived to be weaker – as this is misleading. The author of the strategy shows 10 examples of football matches from different leagues, where the odds for home team start from 3.50, although they are usually much higher. It is enough to analyse the league yourself and choose one that shows similar cases. Cyprus, Czech Republic, but even the famous Primera Division in which UD Almeria can win at home against Atletico Madrid, which it has already done. The odds? 3,85! With low stakes and an investment of around $100, with ten bets you are able to win around 50% more of these funds. The more cash you have in turn, the more opportunities for growth and, for example, better coupons and thus higher winnings. You should not take such actions, because once you have chosen your strategy, you should try it systematically, without any bounce. Remember that if you deviate from the basic assumptions, you can only blame yourself for potential losses, and not the system you choose.

Now that you know so much, check out your favourite league and see how often the teams at the bottom of the table win. You might find your favourites of the weekend there.