How to play Baccarat


Baccarat is quite simple and is mainly a constant competition between the player and the banker. However, 6, 8 or 9 decks of English cards are usually used to play the game. These decks of cards are placed in a visible depository on the table which is called a “shoe”. The main objective is to try to predict who will be the winner in each round, or if the round will be even.

Card weighting

When playing Baccarat, all decks between 6 and 9 will have the same face value and the Ace will be worth one (1). On the other hand, cards 10, J, Q and K will be assigned zero (0) points. 

Adding points

If the sum of two decks results in a two-digit total (10 or higher), only the right face value will be taken into account. Example: 7+8= 15. Therefore, the result will be 5. With this in mind, the best possible play in Baccarat is 9 points.

Baccarat tips and strategies 

Baccarat live

Baccarat is one of the games that offers the highest odds to the player, as the house edge is minimal. However, you can apply certain techniques that can help increase your chances of winning. These include:

Betting in favour of the dealer

Betting on the dealer offers the best chance of winning. In this option, the house edge is only 1.06%. Of course, the casino takes a percentage of the jackpot when you win.

Betting on a draw is not advisable

Although this bet offers you an excellent payout of 8 to 1, it offers the lowest odds. The probability of a draw is only 9.53%. While the house edge is over 14%.

Don’t rely on previous hands

After each round the decks are shuffled. Therefore, each play is independent.

Don’t persist in a bad beat 

Don’t insist on a bet that only brings you losses in the hope that at some point you will get it right.

Play Baccarat on your mobile 

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On the web you will find a lot of alternatives to play Baccarat from your mobile device. You can download an application and install it on your handset or simply enter the web address into your mobile browser. Some of the advantages of playing games from your mobile are:

  • Play from home, office or recreation site.
  • Enjoy baccarat on the go.
  • You have the same advantages and options as playing from your PC.

Baccarat Variations 

Due to its great popularity, many versions of baccarat have been released. Among these, we have:

Chemin de Fer

This is the original version of baccarat native to France. In this version, the participants play against each other. The dealer is rotating and changes the turn in each round like clockwise shuffling and dealing the cards. Nowadays, this variant is not commonly found in physical and virtual casinos.

Baccarat Banque

It is similar to chemin de fer. It differs in that the player with the most bankrolls takes the banker’s seat. It can be played even in European casinos, where the dealer acts as the banker.

Punto Banco

This is the most popular version in the world. It is also called “Punto y Banco”. It originated in America. In this game, the dealer always acts as the banker. The dealer directs all the dynamics of the table. From 12 to 14 players can be involved.

Mini Baccarat

It is a variant of Punto Banco that differs in that it only accepts one player. Its rules and payouts are the same. In this modality the participant cannot touch the cards.